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Enigmator Product Series 

Provide auxiliary tools to help maintaining office daily operation in a security way. 

ETM Title

- Manage your smart cards & tokens securely

​- Remotely migrate and unlock users' tokens

- Easy tracing and monitor token action 

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TrustSafe Product Series 



Audit Trail


Email Compliance Manager


Outlook Add-on


SharePoint Integrator



e-cert Import

eCert Importment

Import the eCert remotely and via the Remote Import Certificate system 

e-cert Import


TSAuth provides 2FA or MFA for your account to protect your privacy and important data.

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board System provides an platform for information sharing and communication. 

ecert Management

eCert Management

Web Application Server helps to hold different systems in different devices. 

e-cert Import

Domin Admin  

Different management like mail, account, deployment can also be managed by Domin Admin tools.

Share Point

Share Point 

SharePoint Integrator allows users to extract email from both Notes or Outlook.. 

P12 file storage

 P12 File Storage

Center Secure Key File system provide a secure storage place for all P12 files and pass codes. 

e-cert Import


Migrator helps to export Notes email and document to SQL / SharePoint .

Course Management

Course Management

ECAP Sass system  helps you to operate your company in a effective and efficient way. 

token management

Token Management

Tokens can be managed  and initialized easily by Enigmator Token Management system.

e-cert Import

Email Management

Email Compliance Manger helps to manage mail activities, e.g. achieve, blockage, crypto.

Resource Management

Resource Management

Room Booking System helps to arrange and manage resources  effectively.

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