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Enigmator Token Management 


Protect data & identities that matter

Enigmator Token Management enables the secured unblock function for Enigmator token and smartcard. Administrator can release a locked Enigmator token and smart-card by challenge-response principle. It saves process time, reduce workflow and disturbance to users.

Features of ETM

Secured Administration Password

Unique administration password for each token which will be encrypted and protected securely in the system without expose to anyone.

Remotely Unblock & Migrate Token

Collection of token is no longer needed that token can be released by using challenge data to generate a response data.User can unblock token and reset password.

Detail Action Log Report

All actions taken-on token e.g. initialization history, unblock history and owner history

will be logged down for  administrator to trace the token details.

Change Security Password

New users or those who is the first time login to the token, must need to change the password for security issue.

Token Inventory Database

All tokens including the expired and the new tokens are saved in the system for the administrator to handle management issue. 

New users or those who is the first time login to the token, must need to change the password for security issue.

Integrated with CSKeyFile & RIC

Integrated with CSKeyFile & RIC


Administrator can finish all importation to all 3 systems by only one-step process via the auto-submission function during the importation that save time and effort and reduce the expose of password and important data.

More About ETM

Reduce disturbance to users in case accidental token locked. ​ Administrator can remotely release a locked Enigmator Token and Smart card by a secured token administration password in challenge-response principle.

Mechanism of ETM
  1. Administrator plugs in the token in workstation

  2. Retrieve initialization record in Enigmator Token Management Database

  3. Provide the challenge code

  4. Generate the response code by system 

  5. Input response code to unlock the token

ETM flow

Easy & Quick & Secure 

  • Save time and effort to manage a bulk of tokens and e-Certs

  • Reduce work load of administrators 

  • Break the geographic limitation as it can manage remotely

  • Protect the administrative password

  • Increase work efficiency by immediate unlock of tokens 

MORE Enigmator

Auxiliary Tools

User can import and manage e-Certs to for end-users remotely. 



Save Time & Effort



Admin can store all P12 files and passwords in this system database.


Organized & Secure



CSKey File

One-Step Process

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