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Central Secure Key File Store


Protect data & identities that matter

Central Secure Key File Store which also called CSKeyFile, it provides a highly secure central for storing the original e-Certificate files and their passwords

Features of CSKeyFile

Mass e-Cert Import 

Allows to import large amount of P12 files and PINs which simplify the workload during the 1st implementation or annual renewal period to save the time, labor and cost of users.

Cert Information 

Application databases can be independently replicated on multiple servers and operated . Totally support high availability and disaster recovery.

Import & Retrieve Logging

Detail information of 

all action and processes will be recorded and logged automatically for admin to trace abnormal retrieve action of special users


During important process, system will verify the PIN entered are accurate by accessing P12 files to ensure the accuracy. 

High Security Storage

P12 File and Passcodes are encrypted by 2 different master keys to enforce the security and protection.

New users or those who is the first time login to the token, must need to change the password for security issue.

New Features

Integrated with



Administrator can finish all importation to all 3 systems by only one-step process via the auto-submission function during the importation that save time and effort and reduce the expose of password and important data.

More About CSKey File 

A secure central repository to hold original electronic certificate file (P12 File) and its Password. ​ Keys and passwords are encrypted (3DES encryption) and stored in two separated databases with two Master e-Certs.

There are 3 Types of Database in CSKey File: 

Enigmator – Central Secure Key File

Enigmator – Key File Database

Enigmator – Key File Pass Code Database

It is the key file index


main user interface database.

It is for storing passcodes of Key Files when the Key Files are imported. 

It is the place for storing the Key Files once the P12 files are imported.

CSKey File flow
  1. Administrator import the P12 files and the passcode from his office

  2. The P12 files and the passcodes will encrypted and store the the CSKeyFile Database

  3. The system can transfer related information and data to both ETM and EIC Database automatically. Administrator can easily export the data from the two databases afterwards. 

  4. The P12 files and the passcodes will be decrypted when the administrator need to export the data from the CSKeyFile Database

  5. After the administrator help user to insert the P12 file into the user's token or smart card, the end-user can freely use their e-Certificate. 

CSKey File import files

Efficacious & Easy & Secure

  • Provide a secure place for storing P12 Files & Passcodes

  • Manage large amount of e-Cert and passcode in an organized way. E.g. Show all the expiry date of each e-Cert which admin can apply an new e-Cert before it lose its efficacy 

  • Easy to restore all the e-Certs (include old and the latest one) for users once they lost their tokens easily since the admin can find them all in the CSKey File system 

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Auxiliary Tools


User can migrate and manage users' tokens to unblock them remotely. 


Save Time & Effort

Token Management 

User can import and manage e-Certs for end-users remotely. 



Save Time & Effort



One-Stop Process

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