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TrustSafe Auth

An Extra Layer of Protection for Securer User Verification

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TS Auth

TrustSafe Auth

TrustSafe Auth is a robust and scalable solution for enterprises of all sizes including SMEs as well as independent software developers.


It supports RADIUS, LDAP and OAuth to integrate various applications, including messaging and collaboration system, on-premise applications as well as web services.


Independent software developers can expand 2FA or MFA on their existing applications such as CRM and HR systems to address more stringent privacy concerns from their end users.

Multi-factors Authentication

We are the Effective Way to Control Password Vulnerability

TS Auth secure

Feature Highlights 

Feature Highlights 



  • Support standard RADIUS / LDAP integration

  • Provide Java API for easy integration

  • Support both on premises and SaaS cloud deployment ​



  • ​Enterprises can mix and match right combination of authentication methods to access various applications based on risk level and security policies ​

  • Time-base one time password algorithm by RFC6238 standard



  • Designed with multiple hierarchy administration and self service portal for delegation ​

  • Provide mobile app to support software OTP, mobile push and QR code authentication methods

More About TSAuth

TS Auth work flow

TrustSafe Auth is designed with a policy engine to enforce multiple authentication sequence by matching users’ roles, systems and authentication methods.

TS Auth multiple authentication

Quick View of tsauth

Authentication history

View authentication history

Self enroll / remove authentication devices

Enroll/remove devices
Multi factor authentication

Self maintain multi-factor Auth profile

Integration with

Domino iNotes / Verse

Customised Domino agent for adding 2FA for iNotes mobile users

For 2 factors authentication in a simple but secured way. Customized Domino agent for seamless integration.


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