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Resources Management

Room Booking System


Much more than simply booking a room

A proven room booking solution that regulates room utilization and enforces policies based on your needs

End-User Features

RBS 1.png

Calendar View

Ease of time management and
checking of conflict

RBS 2.png

New Booking

Make room booking with a few clicks
Record outside attendees for control

RBS 3.png

My Reservation

List all your bookings in one click for
easy management of bookings

RBS 4.png

Reschedule Booking

Auto notify participants once a
booking is re scheduled

RBS 5.png

My Follow

Notify user when the ‘following’ room
is available for booking

RBS 6.png

Recurring Bookings

Allow users to make recurring
bookings at a set time for fair play

RBS 7.png

Transfer Booking

Flexibility to transfer a booking to
another user’s account

RBS 8.png

Private Room

Only visible to selected users for

Administrator Features

rbs 1..png

Resource Registration

Define ownership, location, capabilities, facilities, availability & rules


Custom Booking Form

Customized for Govt. environment. e.g.
Input outside attendees, meeting
subject officer

rbs 3..png

Batch Processing

Cancel or transfer bookings by batch

rbs 5..png

Rules Enforcement

Booking Approval process (optional)

Set rules for booking quota per month

Set open time for making recurrent

Reserve room | priority for selected users

rbc 6..png

Configurable Notifications 

Customize reservation notification
email and room availability notice

rbs 4..png

Status Management

Right to manage various booking status for effective booking management

rbs 7..png

Transfer Booking

Utilization reports to keep track of
resource utilization, No show and
booking and usage pattern per user

Quick View of RBS

rbs 1.jpg

Policies Enforcement Highlights

  • Reminder / notification lead time

  • Control advanced check in lead time 

  • Auto release of room in case of no show

  • Maximum bookings per user per month

rbs 2.jpg

Policies Enforcement Highlights

  • Temporary suspension of resources for booking

  • Optional approval process

  • Control maximum reservation time

  • Control resources booking extension time

rbs 3.jpg

Policies Enforcement Highlights

  • Keep track of outside attendees and booking subject officer for better control

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