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Trusted Systems further develop various products under TrustSafe brand with an aim to provide innovative, valued added and cross platform solutions to meet our customers' extra needs especially for the security enhancement and data migration.

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A suite of cross-platform data security products has been developed under TrustSafe product line to address different security concerns. Our TrustSafe data security products provide strong protection of sensitive information down to application level throughout the information lifecycle.

Security doesn’t always mean complicated 

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Multi-factors Authentication Solution

We offer simpler MFA solution for fast deployment

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Email Compliance Manager

We offer secure outbound email solution.

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We offer simpler MFA solution for fast deployment

More Products & Solutions 

About our firm

About Our Firm

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More auxiliary tools

More Auxiliary Tools


Manage your Tokens & e-Certs securely. 

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Other Management 


Help your firm to run smoothly and breezily.

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