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Email Compliance Manager

Secure Outbound Email Solutions

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Defense from malicious code, phishing, spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks control intentional & unintentional information leakage

Email Compliance Manager (ECM) is an intelligent email compliance engine to protect, control and monitor sensitive and confidential emails. 

Define rules to implement security controls according to email attributes such as subject, attachment format, file name & sender & recipient.

Controls include mail blockage, routing, copying, encryption, altering, retention and audit logging.

Search & Discovery


  • Archive & backup email into Email Compliance Manager server

  • Support multiple database (each key account or partner can have one database)

  • Set access control list to each database

  • Search engine - search by sender, recipient, subject, date, key words or self-define field

Large Email Attachment


  • Sender sends large email attachment as a hyperlink

  • System automatically generate dynamic password for each link

  • Recipient receives link & password separately

Sending Sensitive Information 


  • Apply protection on each level:

    • Level 1: Send outbound email attachment in form of a one time password protected ZIP file

    • Level 2 : Send outbound email as a password protected link

    • Level 3: Send outbound email with digital signature 

Non Repudiation | Electronic Transactions Ordinance 


  • Apply Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology to meet higher security control

  • Send email with digital signature and data encryption including attachment

  • Auto decryption and signature verification down to verification of CRL and trusted CA

  • Identify email with outdated / revoked certificates

Use case

It can fully adapt to an organization struggling with how to avoid disclosing confidential information. 

Not only prevents data loss in man-in-the-middle attacks but also allows you to control email flows by channeling emails to defined groups or teams, preventing malicious or accidental forwarding of emails to the wrong hands! 

TESECM use case
  1. Monitor the email content and alert the Compliance team when the sensitive keywords are scanned.

  2. Manage the email flow of the part-time employees, who are only able to send internal emails.

  3. Arrange round-robin letters, to the teammates when receiving emails to the group email address.


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