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Defense from malicious code, phishing, spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks control intentional & unintentional information leakage

Email Compliance Manager (ECM) is an intelligent email compliance engine to to protect, control and monitor sensitive and confidential email. 

Define rules to implement security controls according to email attributes such as subject, attachment format, file name & sender & recipient .

Controls include mail blockage, routing, copying, encryption, altering, retention and audit logging.

Feature Highlights 

1.         Auto inclusion of corporate message on the footer of the outgoing emails for policy                             compliance

2.        User/ Department-specific email compliance rules to prevent illegitimate email                                       exchange between users or departments

3.       Auto alerts manager of non-compliance

4.       Auto signature verification down to verification of Certificate Revoke List and trusted CA via                the fully implemented PKI for optimum security

5.       Secures data transmission with digital signature and data encryption including the attachment

6.       Sort and retain desired email content in pre-defined database for optimal data management

7.        Real-time alert report to management for non-compliance and allow users to take immediate               actions

8.        Regular analysis reports for effective tracking of email transmission of each email account

9.        Regular analysis reports for effective tracking of email transmission of each email account

10.       Support high availability and cluster


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