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Remote Import Certificate


Protect data & identities that matter

Remote Import Certificate provides flexibility to import renewal e-Cert breaking the geographic and time limitation. Moreover, P12 file and pass code are protected by the system securely and authorized administrator is the only person who can perform the import function

Features of RIC

Separate Duty

of Role

Operators have the right to create Key Import Request, administrator is the only one who can manage master keys and configurations and authorized users can import e-Certs.

Support Multiple Databases Set

Application databases can be independently replicated on multiple servers and operated . Totally support high availability and disaster recovery.

Detail Process Logging

All process are saved in RIC Log database e.g. all fail and success cases, frequency of executing import, token key ID. It allows users know the e-Certs are imported .

Configurable Key Import Request Expiration

Provide key import request expiration setting in configuration database. RIC will auto capture the setting during create new key import request.

Auto Remove Expired Key Import Request

Once the key request meets the expiration, RIC system will auto-remove it. Thus to avoid confusion for administrators about  Cert management.  

New users or those who is the first time login to the token, must need to change the password for security issue.

Integrated with CSKeyFile & ETM


Administrator can finish all importation to all 3 systems by only one-step process via the auto-submission function during the importation that save time and effort and reduce the expose of password and important data.

New users or those who is the first time login to the token, must need to change the password for security issue.

First Cert 


Add new functions of "Import first cert" that allow include / not include P12 password in Impor Requett

More About RIC

It supports administrator remotely to transfer new certificate to user at distant workstation when users need to renew e-cert of their token authenticator. ​ Supports operations with 2048-bit RSA Key Length e-Certificates. 

Mechanism of RIC
  1. Administrator uploads user's new certificate via Remote Import Certificate Database

  2. RIC Database send user's new certificate and passcode with encrypted mail to Certificate Manager Database

  3. Backend jobs send out notification email to user (every 30 minutes) 

  4. User plug in the token and open the email. Then click the button to start the import

  5. Download module files to workstation. Decrypt the request, download necessary files and passcode to workstation

  6. Import the new certificate to token

  7. Workstation sends certificates storage request to to Enigmator Configuration Database

  8. Administrator accepts the request and store the user's new certificate to directory

RIC flow

Effective & Efficient & Secure 

  • Save time and cost to manage large amount of e-Certs 

  • Reduce work load of administrators 

  • Break the geographic limitation by remote controlling 

  • Increase work efficiency by immediate import certificates

More information of
Stand-Alone RIC


More information of Stand alone RIC

  • Seamlessly integrate with CMMP

  • Run on a standalone application server

  • Web administration portal

  • No more mail client dependence i.e. Outlook client, Web mail, Notes client and etc. are all support

  • Allow submit request even user e-Cert expired

MORE Enigmator

Auxiliary Tools


User can migrate and manage users' tokens to unblock them remotely. 


Save Time & Effort

Token Management 

Admin can store all P12 files and passwords in this system database.


Organized & Secure




One-Step Process

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