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Domino Migrator

High Data Completeness & Thoroughness Safe & Smooth to Destinations.

Domino Migrator takes care of Consistency, Logic, Metadata and Data Mapping apart from Data Format for applications migration projects.

Unique Features of Domino Migrator

Support convert Notes mail to EML format with or without attachment in the email

Support convert Notes application document content to HMTL, PDF, Word or XML and detail document properties 

Convert Notes application document content must support doc link, DB link, table, section, attachment and field values

Allow flexible data mapping of existing  Notes application and new application platform by self-defined mapping

Support Notes native sign & encrypt email, SMIME mail and HKSARG confidential mails

Able to import data to SharePoint / IBM Connections / SQL DB & Provide detail data analysis and migration report

Support convert the doc link, DB link and attachment to the new link in new application platform

With flexibility to exclude certain attachment type, specified document with certain property when migrate data to new platform

More About Domino Migrator 

1. Exported Notes Document Sample

Original Notes Document
Original Notes Document
Doc Links, DBL Links. Attachments are still valid
Converted Document
Maintain 90% Notes Rich Text formats
Converted Document

2. Maintain document consistency even during migration period

Migrated document contains document link in Notes DB or New System
contains link
open document
Launch Notes client to open the document
Launch URL link
Launch URL link in the new system

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